firmajb2 - Javier Barrio

Get to know Javier Barrio

Javier Barrio is a fashion designer. Applied to two areas: interior design and haute couture.
It starts in the world of textile for the home in 1987, in the bosom of a family dedicated to the national distribution (Spain) of decoration fabrics.
In 2004, Javier Barrio began his solo career creating his own signature. ( Currently, one hundred thousand samples of indoor fabrics with their brand are distributed throughout the Spanish territory in the best decoration studios.
As a result of this experience, Javier decides to combine his knowledge of fabrics with his vocation as a fashion designer. This is how their party dress designs are dressed with the most exceptional fabrics to maximize the characteristics of their designs. Synthetic fibers of high quality for durability without losing the essence of the brand: elegance, sophistication and sensuality.
“Specialize. Do not try to do everything. It is better to be special and different in a way than to want to advance in four ”

The inspiration

The first images that come to mind when JB designs are those of his mother. Javier admired the elegance and glamor that his mother showed at all times. It was she who discovered the artistic vein of Javier, and the one that encouraged him to sign up for his first painting lessons at age 14.

A designer with a very special vision

The sensitivity of the designs and clothing of Javier Barrio is nourished by his life experience. Overcoming a cancer diagnosed at age 26 has allowed him to see reality from a pragmatic crucible and endowed with beauty. “When I see a woman, I do it with the intensity of a unique and unrepeatable moment. As if it were the Cinderella dance. With that passion, illusion and dedication with which the mice sew for her”.